Scottsdale DUI Lawyers – The Good & The Bad

Scottsdale is one of the hottest places in the U.S. for vacationing, nightlife, and because it is in Phoenix Arizona where summer temperatures can climb to 120 degrees. With Scottsdale being such a popular place, it naturally has an extensive selection of restaurants and bars to go to and enjoy with your friends and family.

DUI Lawyers AllianceUnfortunately, with all of the frivolous activities that come with such a great place, many times people drink and drive with a good number of people getting caught for DUI every week. The Scottsdale Police Dept. is particularly on high alert on Friday and Saturday nights which gives call to be careful and find alternative transportation if you’re out drinking.

As you can imagine – there are a ton of Scottsdale Lawyers that specialize in DUI cases, which are essentially criminal charges. Since these are criminal charges that come with stiff penalties and fines, DUI cases are very profitable for lawyers, especially coming from more of the affluent communities in Scottsdale. The ugly unfortunate side of this is the fact that many of those lawyers may not be as experienced or skilled at managing these cases as they may be new to the field, moved to Scottsdale from a different location, or not intimately connected with the nuances of the DUI case law and dealing with the courts in Scottsdale.

In a situation where a person was busted for a DUI, depending upon the lawyer that is working the case, and their knowledge of the local courts, relationships with the prosecutors, judges, and even arresting officers can make a huge difference and determine whether you are spending time in jail or not, what the fines and penalties are, and if your charges are lowered, or dismissed altogether. With that being said, some lawyers are much better suited to represent a person in a DUI case than others, especially when it comes to Scottsdale DUI Lawyers.

Fortunately, this site has been set up to help you get educated about the issues surrounding a DUI, and what to look out for and the types of questions to ask when in the process of interviewing and selecting a DUI Attorney. We’ve put together a video for you to view and thought that it would be appropriate to put it right here…

So – now that you’ve watched the video – utilize this site to become more informed about the issues and nuances of the getting a DUI and take advantage of the resources that are here for you.


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