Mistakes A Criminal DUI Lawyer Can Make

Lawyers are not fully immune to making mistakes in their profession. They will commit one or two mistakes while representing you in a drunken driving case which is understandable. However, there are some glaring mistakes that are unacceptable especially when committed by your criminal dui lawyer intentionally. It is important for you to know about all these mistakes and how best they can be handled if at all they happen.

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The greatest mistake that a dui lawyer can make is deal with assumptions that your case has either been won or it cannot be won. Either way, the attorney will be doing you or any other client a great injustice by contemplating the case outcome. The lawyer should not rush you into pleading guilty just to have the case terminated early but it has to be on the basis of the strength and your preparedness. In any case, a lawyer cannot take plea on behalf of a client and that should not happen with you. Drink driving case is one of the strongest and most dangerous to be charged with so it should be treated with seriousness all the time.

In many states, your driving license will be suspended for the entire period you are on trial for driving under the influence. It is the duty of your lawyer to fight against that and make sure you are allowed to continue driving as the case proceeds in court. Unfortunately, many lawyers never bother to have their clients’ driving license remain active which is a big mistake. The license may be revoked once you have failed the blood or breath test but your lawyer can have an appeal challenging the technical processes involved. He or she can dispute the period within which that was done, challenge the final results and any other technicality that can knock down the license revocation legally.

There are times when the lawyer takes to assume that everything was okay in carrying out the test which is not the nature of the profession. He or she is bound to contest everything that goes against your way from a legal perspective until all options have been exhausted.  On the same note, a lawyer will have failed if he or she does not file a motion to hold back the case. This has rare chances of succeeding but it is important to try it out so as to have the case terminated prior to official trial. The pre-trial proceedings are very important but lawyers mostly ignore that which is a blunder. It will offer an opportunity to question the competence of the officer who arrested you and expose the weaknesses of the whole procedure followed.

The criminal dui lawyer should be responsible for carrying out parallel investigations into how you were arrested and the happenings surrounding that. That might not be very deep but it will give him or her some background information on how to counter the case as formulated by the prosecutor. The lawyer should visit the location you were arrested and failure to do that dents your case success chances.